Terveisiä Virosta / Hi From Estonia

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Re: Terveisiä Virosta / Hi From Estonia

Viesti Kirjoittaja ex-jw-est » 26.05.2014 16:36

Natsku: the exJWs are an assorted crowd. Sadly, we have a majority of exJWs who, despite of not pursuing reinstatement, choose to continue to be ignorant about the Watchtower, mind-control, cults in general etc. and attribute their dispute with the Watchtower to themselves.

As for the ones that have completely waken up, yes, language barrier is the problem. Older people speak only russian as a foreign language and the younger ones with poor English skills are even more isolated. That's the sole reason why I brought http://www.tunnistaja.ee into existance - it adds nothing new to jwfacts.com, jwsurvey.org and such, but it's a little place to start from for those who only read and Google in Estonian.

I'm also probably attending the meeting in Suomenlinna on June 7th, so we can have a longer chat about all that there :)
Terveisiä Virosta!

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